Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bandsaw Blades: Prep and Maintenance

You have selected the perfect band saw blades for your band saw, taking into account the eight key qualities of band saw blades: length, width, blade material, gauge/thickness, tooth set, tooth shape/rake, tooth form, and pitch. You are now ready to get to work. But first, you have to learn how to properly prep and maintenance the blades.
When you first unbox your blade you need to make sure that the weld is straight and that it has been filed smooth. There are some things you can do if this turns out not to be the case. If the weld is not straight, the only thing you can do is return the blade and get a replacement. If the weld is not smooth you have two options. The first is to return it for a replacement, and the second is to gently file it until it is smooth. When you install your blade for the first time, round the back of the blade. You can do this by using a stone on the back of the blade while the saw is running.
Once your prep is finished, it is important to continuously take proper care of the blade. Use a rust preventative on the blade before you put it away. If the blade ever becomes dull, replace it right away. Using a dulled blade can create unsatisfactory results.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Kurt 3600V 6” CNC Vise

Kurt Vises are known for their high quality design and construction. Made entirely in the USA, it’s hard to find a better vise – and when you need a single station CNC vise, there’s nothing better than the Kurt 3600V 6” CNC Vise. It has great features that make it a favorite of many people who work with CNC milling machines daily.
·         Made in the USA- This vise is made in the United States, so its production creates jobs for Americans. Craftsmen who work with CNC milling machines can feel at ease using these vises because they boost the American economy.
·         Time Proven Kurt AngLock® Design- This original Kurt design prevents your parts from lifting upwards under heavy clamping loads. This allows for ultimate precision in the milling process.
·         Pull-Type Jaw- The pull-type jaw clamping style reduces jaw stationary deflection by approximately 80%.
·         One Piece Vise Body- The body of the Kurt 3600V 6” CNC Vise is built all in one piece. This gives the vise superior strength while also reducing weight.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Benefits of Carbide Inserts for Your Milling Machines

Cemented carbide is a very hard material that is frequently used in machining tools for various reasons. Adding carbide inserts to your cutting tools can have some major benefits for your machining company.

Better Surface Finish
Carbide provides a better surface finish on your machined parts when compared to high-speed steel cutters. This will result in much cleaner, nicer looking cuts.

Faster Machining
A high-speed steel cutter may be efficient enough for the job, but you will find that you can go much faster with carbide inserts. With these inserts added to your cutting tools, you will be able to increase productivity without sacrificing the quality of the work you produce.

Superior Performance on Tough Materials
Because it is so hard, carbide is simply better at cutting tougher materials like stainless steel and alloyed steel. Other cutting tools used to cut these hard metals may break much more easily and cause you to lose money and time.

Withstand Higher Temperatures
Tools made with carbide, or tools with carbide inserts, can withstand much higher temperatures than your average cutting tool. This allows them to cut at much faster speeds without damage.

Less Wear
Carbide’s superior quality means that it can perform at higher speeds and temperatures with less wear than other tools.

Carbide inserts are replaceable, so if they break you only need to replace a piece of the tool rather than the entire tool itself.

Using carbide for your milling machine parts can result in a higher level of productivity, a lower rate of breakage and wear, and are more cost effective in the long run. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Why You Need Digital Measuring Tools for Your Milling Machines

With any type of manufacturing, accuracy is the most important quality. If your milling machine isn’t making accurate cuts, you could lose time, money, and business. You could easily avoid the headache by getting digital measuring tools like a digital depth gage for your machining business. The following are the most important benefits you will receive from the addition of these tools.

Precise Measurements
With a traditional measuring tool, you have to rely on your eyesight. Your line of sight may not be at the correct angle for the most accurate reading. You may also have vision issues and/or poor lighting working against you. Having to strain to see the tiny markings on a tool can result in a poor reading, which in turn can result in an inaccurate cut, which in turn can result in profit loss and wasted materials. With a digital tool you get a precise measurement. You don’t have to rely on your judgement or eyesight because the most accurate number possible is on the digital display for you to read.

Easy to Read
Most digital tools have  relatively large numerically displays that are easy to read, even if you have poor eyesight or poor lighting. No more squinting at tiny lines!

No Guesswork
A digital measuring tool will put an end to the trial and error process you have have been following before. You will save time and materials because you no longer have to fiddle with the machinery to get the precise setting.
With the rapid advancements in technology, it is important to stay ahead of the competition with the latest tools. Digital tools make your job a million times easier because you can make an accurate cut every time. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Machines

To keep your milling machine running for as long as possible and in the best condition (and to avoid safety risks), you will need to keep your machine and your tools properly cleaned and maintained. We’re providing the following tips to help you maintain an efficient, safe, and productive machine:

Establish a routine: Make machinery maintenance a routine procedure. Not only will they last longer, but your consistent maintenance will help give you peace of mind. You’d never miss a meal, so don’t miss regular machinery maintenance!

Store tools properly: You’ll want to protect all tools and machinery from damage as it moves around your shop. Before placing into storage, spray with rust-resisting lubricant and prevent tooling, especially carbide, from bumping into each other.

Test periodically: Like all forms of machinery, you should test it periodically. Examine the spindle’s runour approximately every three months. If you notice an increase in runout, look to replace bearings or other parts to keep it in top shape.

Keep spindles free of damage: If you notice wear on your toolholder tapers, keep the inside of the spindles clean and lubricated, and check that the collet alignment screw is in good condition.

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